5th Grade Overview

  • Organizational skills: We learn to use planners for homework and long term projects
  • Social Studies: Students work on geography by memorizing the locations of all 50 states as well as capitals and postal abbreviations
  • Science: This year we study elementary biology concepts by creating animal dissections to learn about body systems
  • Family Life
  • Literature: Novel studies in Literature Circles
  • Prepared reading and impromptu speeches
  • Service Project: We will learn to care for God’s community by creating cards for those people receiving the Sacraments at St. Thomas More Parish during the year
  • Community Life: Participating in the life of the community through Altar Serving and Safety Patrol
  • Special Lenten participation in a Jewish Seder Meal which is the basis for the Holy Thursday celebration and Passover
  • We sponsor and organize the all school Feat of the Immaculate Conception Mass

5th Grade Standards


  • Articulate how each Sacrament helps us to see, celebrate and live as Jesus taught
  • List the outward signs of each sacrament and locate stories from the Bible that refer to each Sacrament
  • Memorized Prayers: Jesus Prayer, Joyous Prayer, Joyous Mysteries, Prayer for the Faithful Departed
  • Describe what it means to pray, and identify and demonstrate the various forms of prayer

English Language Arts (ELA):

  • Determine theme of a story, drama or poem from details in the text
  • Quote accurately from informational text when explaining what the text says explicitly and inferentially
  • Determine main ideas of informational text and use details from the text to support thesis
  • Know and apply grade level phonics and word analysis skills when decoding words
  • Produce clear and coherent writing using correct grammar, punctuation, capitalization and spelling
  • Engage effectively in a range of collaborative discussions with a variety of partners


  • Write and interpret numerical expressions including equations
  • Fluently add, subtract, multiply, and divide whole numbers
  • Fluently add, subtract, multiply fractions and decimals
  • Solve real world problems using whole and mixed numbers, fractions and decimals
  • Create line plots, line and bar graphs from a data set; choose an appropriate display for a data set
  • Fluently use perimeter, area and volume formula to solve real world problems
  • Accurately plot ordered pairs on an x and y axis


  • Understand and use simple models to represent objects, events, systems and processes
  • Understand how to plan and conduct simple investigations
  • Understand that plants and animals change over time and that its behavior affects its ability to survive
  • Understand how forces affect the motion of common objects
  • Understand that a substance remains the same when changing state; substances can combine to form compounds, mixtures, solutions

Social Studies:

  • Understand and apply knowledge of government, law, politics, and the nation’s fundamental documents to make decisions
  • Apply understanding of economic concepts and systems to analyze decision-making and the interactions between individuals, households, business governments, and societies
  • Use a spatial perspective to make decisions by applying the concepts of location, region, and movement and demonstrating knowledge of how geographic features and human cultures impact environments
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